Following Desire

Well, here I am again! I had such lofty plans, but life got in the way! Daughters, books, teaching and husband intervened. And so here I am again trying to conjure. I’m still working on the podcast/radio show because just when you make plans (or just when working mother makes plans), the universe says think again honey.

So I have been listening, trying to write and reading (mostly student papers), but my mind and spirit have been working fiercely. I traveled to New Orleans in May and conjured with a beautiful group of women. I drove the thirteen hours from Chicago to New Orleans in one day! A car filled with women who were hungry for New Orleans salty tongue were my road warrior muses.

On the drive down we listened to Etta James and The Black Keys. We riffed and laughed and drank stiff drinks in a magical gay bar in the French Quarter. We read poems at the Community Book Center (2523 Bayou Rd) and ate crawfish in Gulfport at Claw Daddy’s. We were together.

As I write this, two Chicago conjure women are packing and leaving the Chi for the Crescent City. Felicia Beckett and Lakeesha  Harris are moving to the city of Mama Leveau. They will be making a home for conjure women everywhere to come home to with their vision of Sistah Sankofa Writer/Spiritual Retreat. These  are women who follow desire. Desire in a woman is a sweet thing…

Remember sisters, know your power. Conjure!


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